Making Each Apartment Memorable

Old Carriage House Apartments takes pride in their apartment homes. As units become available, we have been upgrading the units and in some cases, completely remodeling them. Some units have wood floors, some tile, some carpets. Some apartments have stainless steel appliances and we are putting smart refrigerators in very soon!!

Family Fun

If you want family fun, Old Carriage House is situated on a dead end street in Clinton, so you do not have to worry about noisey traffic or speeding cars. You and your family can play in the sun, barbecue and even take walks in the neighboring woods.


Old Carriage House Apartments has a mix of young professional tenants and senior citizens, All of the tenants respect and are thoughtful of each other. At Old Carriage House, all walks of life are welcome and you can count on us putting you with neighbors that you want to live with.

Friendly Neighors

Not just anyone can live at Old Carriage House Apartments. We look for qualifed tenants who want a quiet, beautiful setting with friendly neighbors and no drama. We rent to upstanding citizens and if you want to be part of our apartments, you must meet all the criteria above.