A Plan Forward

Under new management, Old Carriage House Apartments is a small group of smart people that thrive on bringing innovative ideas to life. We do well with creative details. Each member of our team brings a different set of skills and strengths to the table — allowing us to be thorough and incredibly good at what we do. We will be making large capital improvements, gazebos, a pet park and a playground are all in the making as we speak. 

Reliable Plans & Experienced People

Having worked with numerous apartment complexes and commercial buildings, we have the know how to make your dream living space to life.. We are in the process of making new plans for property improvements to make Old Carriage House the premiere apartment complex in Clinton and the surrounding areas.

Client Review

Starting immediately, we will be asking our tenants to give quotes on the new services we are providing, and give you quotes on this website to make you comfortable in putting your trust in our ability to make your dream space a reality.

Contact our offices to speak with us about helping put together your next Home, right here at Old Carriage House Apartments, 26-40 Old Boorne Road in Clinton New York.